Laser Etching Technology in 2017

laser etched business cardsLaser etching is the process of removing the material via. laser without penetrating through the material. This can be done by using a lower watt tube or by simply reducing the power on a larger tube. Laser etching provides a permanent mark or inscription on an in-process or finished component. Laser etching can be done on many materials including metals, stone slate, granite, stainless steel, leather, plastics, glass, mirrors, and premium hard woods.

With the new emergence of fiber laser technologies DIY’s and shop owners are expecting more laser cutting technology enhancements. Laser etching is the most comprehensive and productive solutions to crave the materials in personalize manner for thousands of new manufacturing products. It is mainly focusing on developing one the most highly efficient, customizing and artfully solutions for brand marking. Laser etching has improved the different aspects of product designing such as surface texturing, transforming the texture of material and handling. You can choose from a wide array of nearly 300 items to customize including stone, tile flooring, decorative items, plaques, artifacts, glass furniture, jewelry, mobile phones, Yeti tumblers, laptop or mobile branding with company logo and many others.

This technique always is done with extreme precision, and produces an indelible clean professional mark. Laser etching is the most effective and efficient choice for any products which allow you the room to highlight the company brand on the product surface. It is a pc operated technology that gives the laser the brains to perform the marking capability. However, a laser beam at only 30 watts is can cause damage to your eyes and skin so care must be taken during operation.

You should only operate under the guidance of experts. Due the increasing awareness and demands, laser etching techniques are highly affordable and recognized in the global market to ensure the balance between quality and price.

Exclusively designed control systems

Laser etching machines are also quiet common in computer operated technologies. These products rigorously endure testing on various parameters to ensure quality performance. The machines come with a laser interface or CAD software that allows users to create designs according to their requirements.

Keeping pace with the latest advancements, a laser etching machine is truly a well-designed and utilized piece of equipment harnessing the latest technology to ensure the highest laser precision. This machine can work magic on almost all kinds of materials such as stone, textiles, plastic,wood, metal, glass, crystal, rubber,ceramic, paper and many other finishes.

Target designing market

Laser etching machines offer many unique advantages to ensure quality supplies in trendy styles. The machines have the potential to transform an ordinary looking product an attractive and vibrant look. The best thing about the laser operated mechanism is that the whole process of engraving or marking will never damage or starch on the surface. As sometimes these scratches can turn into meddling, rust or distortion to help in reducing the risk. When you are looking to engrave some fragile products, then Laser is the pretty effective way to mark them safely. You can use the laser engraving method will laser as a light source just like a tube light or light beam. All the business products, appalling designer items, product development capabilities, well-established software’s, and reliable safety services is undoubtedly makes it a competent source in laser etching mechanisms.

Meeting competitive world expectations

A number of laser etching customers have released highly innovative products equipped with supreme and intelligent functions. In the coming years, many suppliers will launch their different models beautifully engraved with laser technologies. It will ensure consistent quality to meet all the expectations of market and guarantee long-lasting supply.
We would find many objects or things in our daily life which have something engraved or imprinted on it such as: rings, nuts, bolts, wine glasses, jewelry, wooden utensils etc. Using the co2 laser engraver any company can literally leave its mark in the form of text or image on the objects which are produced or sold by them such as:

The manufacturer can leave his company name on the items sold by him. Mark it with serial number or batch number to identify its manufactured time and date it at a later stage.

Mark it with some standards so that it proves that the object has been QA passed and satisfies the market standards. Initially, the concept used for engraving anything was with the utilization of ink or tool bits, but now with time this has been replaced by laser beams. This advantage of laser etching makes it more popular and common as it helps in reducing cost and effort. Laser engraving has another advantage over any other traditional method i.e. it can be used on all type of materials such as – Plastics, Metals,the coated metals, stones, jewelry and metals. This process is widely used these days by all the manufacturing companies before they dispatch their products for selling. To sum it up we can say that there are many advantages of this technique that include:

  • Very cost effective technique.
  • Little to no waste product, which makes it environment-friendly.
  • High resolution and readability since the laser makes the text or image clear.
  • Applicable to all types of organic materials.
  • Depending on the motors it can be a  high-speed process.


Even a small laser engraver can etch almost any type of logo, bar code, 2D matrix code, icon symbol, etc. in short order.   Desktop or mini laser engravers come in at around 30 or 40 watts of power.  But don’t expect to cut through much material.  You will need at least 60 watts of power to cut through 1/2″ materials in one pass.

Unlike manual engraving with hand tools. current  users do not have put a lot of effort in engraving on material.  You just print the image on your PC and let the laser ‘print’ the job.  Similar to how a normal printer would operate.

The entire process of laser etching is very flexible as far as industry uses. This mechanism is becoming very popular these days because in case any manufacturing unit has a huge number of items where the same code or logo has to be imprinted then just ones if you feed in the pattern they all would be printed in just a few hours. This not only reduces the manual effort but also helps in bringing accuracy in the entire process.

Because of the immense number of advantages, etching with a co2 laser is widely accepted and utilized all over the world througout manufacturing, companies have now started marketing this technique as a full-time job.  They simply do the laser marking or etching  on your behalf and in turn charge you a reasonable price.  If you want to look at buying a laser etcher and want to review a reputable company check out this Boss laser.



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